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Highly comfortable, protectiveglasses which are both lightweight and durable. Specially designed with ergonomic features and breathable glasses flanks. Ideal for protecting your eyes from flying particles, impact, dust, paint and smoke while working or going outdoors.

The lenses are anti-fog, plus scratch and splash resistant so you can wear them in a multitude of situations. The wraparound side shield construction complete with seal provides a perfect fit.  

Main Features

1. Anti-fog scratch-resistant & Splash-proof lenses

The indirect ventilation system of HJH protective eyewear minimizes atomization. The surface of the lens has an anti-fog coating, which can effectively prevent the formation of water mist. 

The vents are designed to increase internal airflow for a more comfortable fit.

2. High Impact Resistance

The outer layer of our safety googles's lenses has anti-scratch properties.


3. Flexible PVC Lenses

Our Safety Goggles Eye Protection is made of a flexible and soft PVC to ensure proper fit and comfort. Unlike glass and plastic, polycarbonate lenses are lighter in weight and do not shatter upon impact.

4. Multipurpose

Our Safety Goggles Eye Protection is suitable for various situations, such as medical applications, laboratory, woodworking, gardening, constructions and for personal or professional use.

FDA registered and approved.


  • Material: Polycarbonate (PVC)
  • Anti-fog, scratch-resistant
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Weight: 78g
  • Package Included: Protective Goggles x 1
  • Certifications: FDA and CE

All safety googles sales are final due to increased demand and stock allocation.  


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    Safety Goggles Eye Protection