Does the suit make the waiter?

January 18, 2019

Does the suit make the waiter?

When we enter in a restaurant, one of the first assessment criteria concerns the personell, the way the welcome us, their appearance and of course the services. It is fundamental that who captures the first impression of the client should appear impeccable, with courtesy and attention and with the right uniform. In the past, waiters has always worn an uniform. Obviously, uniforms were different according to the importance of the restaurant. The elegant and formal uniform was used in the finest restaurants, the uniform with shirt and white jacket, bow tie and black trousers was used in all other typologies of restaurants; without the jacket and the bow tie it was the uniform in informal trattorias. 

The uniform hierarchy applies also to chef whites and aprons. The uniform of chefs, maitres and waiters abide to a color code severely based on black and white. The choice of these colors inspired to etiquette criteria, butt also hygiene criteria, has his origins in the XIX century: white is the symbol of cleanliness, black is the symbol of formal elegance. In the rigidity of this system, there are references to the military world, waiters are like soldiers, with a strict discipline and the respect of hierarchy. Uniform is not a random name, as the words chef and chef de rang are not only metaphors. 

Of course, nowadays uniforms can be different, but professionalism, courtesy and proficiency can't hurt.