Dalai Lama is not a vegetarian

January 28, 2019

Dalai Lama is not a vegetarian

“He is not a vegetarian. He loves veal strips with mushrooms”

Believe it or not, Dalai Lama is not a vegetarian. He eats very little, but a little bit of everything. 
Gianni Tota is telling us this. He is a VIP chef, and, above all, he is the personal chef of the Buddhist monk. 
“When he stays in Italy, I am the only person that can touch his food. I personally choose, together with other monks, his meals.”.

Dalai Lama's diet? What does he eat? 
He eats very little, but a little bit of everything. He is not vegan nor vegetarian. Of course he also has his favourite dishes. 

Veal strips with mushrooms, for example. He loves mushrooms. 

What is Dalai Lama's typical day?

He wakes up at 5 am, he drinks tea and he eats two biscuits butter free.
Then he enters into meditation until 7 am. After that he exits his room. 
He always wants 19 degrees in his room, he doesn't use a blanket but only a bed sheet around the foot of the bed. Obviously in his room there is no television nor radio. When he finishes his meditation, he exits his room and take part to his diplomatic meetings. 

After his meetings he comes back to the hotel and you cook for him? 
Yes, at 12.00 he comes back and eats a first course and a main course together with tea and vegetables. He drinks a lot of tea.

Does he eat with other monks?
No, he always eat alone in his room. Then in the afternoon he goes out for other meetings and come back to his room at 5 pm. He drinks more tea and nusually eats a piece of cake. 

What is his favourite cake?
Mimosa cake.

and after 5 pm?
He doesn't exit anymore his room. He remain in meditation from 5 pm to 5 am.

You are the only one who can cook for Dalai Lama, isn't it?
Yes. Only few people can come close to him, and I am one of them. When he is in Italy and in Europe, I am the only one authorized to touch his food. 
I go to the store with the monks. They have to check everything. When he is in Italy, I have my phone tapped. There is always fear of terrorist attacks. 

What do you think? You also eat a little bit of everything?
Do you prefer to be vegetarian? Or maybe vegan?