The 24 most influential chefs of the World

January 18, 2019

The 24 most influential chefs of the World

Personalities that have often becomes celebrities even outside the kitchen, that have contributed to change the face of the art of cooking in recent years. They are 24 and in the list there are also 3 Italians: Heinz Beck, Massimo Bottura, Nadia Santini.

But let's analyze the list of Michelin stars. 

The list has been drawn up by Elite Traveler.

Grant Achatz – Alinea, 3 Michelin stars
Strong suit: inventiveness. One of the pioneers of molecular cuisine, in his restaurant Alinea in Chicago is all about creativity. You will not find any a la cart menu, just a tasting menu of 20 courses that can include black truffle, sea urchins and a dessert painted on the tablecloth.

Daniel Boulud – Daniel, 3 Michelin stars
French blood and restaurants all over the world, but he is associated with his restaurant in the rich area of the Upper East Side of Manhattan. He celebrates his origins with a contemporary French cuisine.  

Eric Ripert – Le Bernardin, 3 Michelin stars
A chef that is also a TV celebity, famous for his fish dishes served in his luxurious restaurant. A tasting menu with seven courses that enchants everyone eith his fusion between European and Eastern Asian tastes. 

Nobu Matsuhisa- Nobu, 1 Michelin stars
The chef who changed the Western conception of Sushi with the opening of his restaurant in Beverly hill in the '80. The fuse of the love, and also mania, for Japanese food in the world. 

Raymond Blanc – Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, 2 Michelin stars
Self-taught chef, ambassador of the French cuisine in England, he obtained 2 Michelin stars in early and we can give him the credit for having refined the English taste when it comes to the authentic French cuisine. 

Heston Blumenthal – The Fat Duck, 3 Michelin stars
Known as the food magician, Heston Blumenthal he really creates when it comes to cuisine. He keep beating its limits, e goes the extra mile. From scrambled eggs with bacon ice-cream, to the mock turtle soup, his objective it to involve all senses and to transform a dish into an experience.

Gordon Ramsay – Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, 3 Michelin stars
He who make a world success everything when it comes to cuisine. A part from his bravura that has brought him 3 Michelin stars after only 3 years after the opining of his restaurant, he his a relentless media personality, inside and outside the kitchens. Including compensations. 

Sven Elverfeld – Aqua, 3 Michelin stars
He is the chef of one of the best restaurants in the world. He has a simple, refined and impressive cuisine. Artistic tendencies, attention to detail, impeccable service.

Harald Wohlfahrt – Die Schwarzwaldstube, 3 Michelin stars
Rewarded more than once as the best German chef, his restaurant is in the misterious Black Forest. Traditional cuisine reconsidered as never before. 

Joachim Wissler – Restaurant Vendôme, 3 Michelin stars
the watchword is processing. He has influences from all over the world, creating a complicated cuisine, that is incredibly enlightened. 

Heinz Beck – La Pergola, 3 Michelin stars

German origins but Italian heart. He contributed to bring haute cuisine in Rome with 3 Michelin stars for his restaurant La Pergola. Italianness and masterpiece menus. The cuisine for Heinz Beck should find the perfect mix between communication, wonder, astonishment, nature and harmony. Still Fool Magazine mentioned him as a underestimated talent. 

Massimo Bottura – Osteria Francescana, 3 Michelin stars

Elite Traveler defines him as the supreme modernist Italian chef. Chapeu! Contemporaneity and haute cuisine melt with his mastery and precision  coming from the French methodology, but with a totally Italian passion. He gained the third Michelin star thanks to the art he puts in every single course. He raised standards. 

Nadia Santini – Dal Pescatore, 3 Michelin stars

The only female chef in Elite Traveler' list, an extraordinary Nadia Santini. She has always worked only in her restaurant Dal Pescatore with dedication, research and accuracy. His approach always look at the Italian tradition, but her cuisine is exclusive, following to her avant-gard path that the modern cuisine has undertook. 

Alain Ducasse – The Dorchester, 3 Michelin stars
Perfect mix between master chef and businessman. The watchword is success. 21 Michelin stars, the best of ingredients for the best of the gastronomy. 

Joël Robuchon -L’Atelier, 3 Michelin stars
28 Michelin stars. Something to add? Robuchon, known as the King of Chef is lover of perfectionism, sure that you can always do better. 

Michel Guérard – Les Pés d’Eugénie, 3 Michelin stars
The inventor of cuisine minceur, a lighter version of traditional nouvelle cuisine, is 80 years old and he looks good. His restaurant his undoubtedly a symbol of haute cuisine.

Michel Troisgros – La Maison Troisgros, 3 Michelin stars
He has the talent in his blood, continuing the fame of his family, guaranty of gourmet. His French cuisine is based on precision in the legendary restaurant Roanna. His touch has change the ideal of tradition in the era of gastronomic innovation, with excellent results.

Philippe Rochat – Restaurant de L’Hôtel de Ville, 3 Michelin stars
We are in Switzerland, where we can still recognise the touch of Philippe Rochat, even if he retired. His contribution was fundamental to reinvent and develop the haute cuisine of the last decades.

Ferran Adrià – elBulli, 3 Michelin stars
His reputation precedes his moves. The chef who revolutionized the rules, included by Time in the list of the 100 most influential men in the world. Fool Magazine mentioned Albert Adrià, as much as talented, a phenomenon in the kitchen hidden by the success of his brother.

Tetsuya Wakuda – Tetsuya’s (Australia)
One of the most famous chef in Australia, focused on Japanese fusion cuisine. With his restaurant in Sidney he gained a lot of fame and recently he opened in Singapore the Waku Ghin.

Seiji Yamamoto – Nihonryori RyuGin, 3 Michelin stars
A cornerstone of Japanese haute cuisine, innovative, he has revolutionized the rules of the traditional kaiseki. He implemented the molecular cuisine and he has merged it with the authentic Japanese gastronomy. 

René Redzepi – Noma, 2 Michelin stars
This chef managed to create hautte cuisine with only the produts he could find in the in the freezing Scandinavia. His danish restaurant Noma had an incredible success, he surprised and amazed with his menus. Concentrated on the respect for his territory and nature, he demonstrated that haute cuisine has no limits and can overcome also this hostile climate.

Thomas Keller – The French Laundry/Per Se, 3 Michelin stars
He allowed the made in USA palates to appreciate the French gourmet cuisine. He never made compromises, he continued straight ahead on his path with high standards. The only American chef with three Michelin stars.

Sergio Herman – Old Sluis, 3 Michelin stars
He is considered the demanding chef when it comes to standards. He made the Old Sluis one cornerstone of the gastronomy. With a experienced staff, dedication and creative menus, he follows the contemporary gourmet cuisine, with a dedicated research of new and innovative ingredients.

And you, you'd added other chefs to this list?