How to become a perfect waiter

January 18, 2019

How to become a perfect waiter

Today we understand better the importance of a good waiter, so much that new expressions to describe this job entered common usage, like “talking waiters” and “guest manager”.

These expressions give value to the important role of the waiter as a communicator, a commis able to to build an empathic relationship with the customers, understanding the right approach to communicate with everyone. It is an important resource able to attract the interest of the customers and, consequently, to stimulate the purchase.

Wherever you work, in a restaurant, a bar or an hotel, the waiter has the task of receive the customers, organize the dining room, serve at the tables and work behind the bar. 
In particular, a waiter has to: clean and organize the dining room; clean and keep tidy the coffee bar and the dessert refrigerator: keep wines and spirits tidy; take orders; serve food and drinks; accept the request of costumers and communicate them to the kitchen; bring the bill and manage the payment; help the chef in the kitchen for starters, garnish dishes and create fruit compositions. 

A good Waiter has to care about his look and his apparel with elegance. 
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Cleanliness and tidy are the foundation of a good appearance. Never enter the dining room with a creased or stained uniform.
Pay attention to the posture and the attitude. Never keep your hands in your pockets! 
Welcome the customers with courtesy and hospitality. 
Never discriminate, all customers are equal, no matter the social class or the celebrity. 
Pay attention to habitual customers. It is important to write down or memorize their tastes, their allergies or their singular requests. 
Exercise your memory. It is very useful to memorize position and the number of tables, know perfectly the menu and remember some orders to fasten the service. Always take with you the essential accessories: service napkin, lighter or matches, bottle opener and orders notepad. 

Wait the right time before taking the order at the table. It is important to let the customers decide with calm; normally you can "take action" when the customers put the menu on the table and start looking around. 
Uncork the wine bottle directly at the table. Before pouring it, the waiter should ask the the most respected customer at the table to taste it.  Always pouring the wine from the right side, starting from women. Never fill up the glasses. The right level is 2/3

Serve the dishes in the right way. Always serve women before, serve the dish from the right side and collect it from the left side, always keep the dish at a low height, never at the height of customer's face.
Clear and clean the table before serving the desserts. Remember that the napkins shall be collected only after the coffee. 
Bring the bill only when requested and walk away at once without waiting for the payment. 
Never waste a trip from the kitchen to the dining room or vice versa. Always having something in your hand; never give the impression of having nothing to do. 
Always stand in the dining room, monitoring tables and customers, so you can intervene for every request. 

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