The difference between Pastry Chef and Chef

January 18, 2019

The difference between Pastry Chef and Chef

Many confuse the role of chef with that of pastry chef. 

Obviously in little restaurants the two roles coincide with the same person, but in bigger restaurants or hotels, these are two clear different roles. Different settings and different character. Cooking a good desserts need more qualities than just scrupulously follow a recipe. 
Because there aren't secrets ingredients or elaborated preparations, one becomes chef or pastry chef according to his way of face life.

Pastry chefs see the world as a Swiss Banker does (not only for chocolate). Everything must be perfectly measured, weighted, timed. Non only in pastry-making,but also in life.

Order is essential in the pastry chef's life as long as in his job.They are always careful measure out everything. Cream, sugar, flour. Because 50 g more (or less) of an ingredient can jeopardise a recipe. 

3 words summary: a balanced life!

Here everything is different because a chef is born not made. For this reason a chef's life is based on a simple principle: just enough. Just enough salt, just enough pepper, just enough sleeping.  
His life is much more unregulated that the pastry chef's one. 

Because the pastry chef is an early bird, the chef is a night owl. 

The chef is the real artist of cuisine. 

Being a chef is not only a job, but also a life style. For this reason in his kitchen there are never (almost) ingredients to weigh. 

It is a matter of intuition and inspiration. Just enough!

Then obviously, life is like cuisine: it browns everything. For this reason we could find very precise chefs and chaotic pastry chefs.