Female chef and the professional uniform

January 18, 2019

Female chef and the professional uniform

Non only male chefs, but more and more female chefs.

In recent years female chefs are increasing in number and importance, bringing their restaurants to global recognition. 

What is the secret behind this new trend? Easy, the care of very detail of their job: from the competence to the uniform.

A chef is firstly recognised by the jacket.

For this reason, the jackets offered by Professional World are beautiful, comfortable and efficient. 

Even if all our jackets are unisex, we have created a section devoted to the Female Chef, for the more demanding ones, with slim fit designs. 

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On the website there are many proposals, all shapes and sizes: from S to XXL! 

All jacket are realized with high quality materials: 100% cotton, polyester or microfiber blends that make washing and ironing very easy. 
For these reasons our Female Chef Jackets will satisfy all demands of women who want only the best.